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Want a fast and responsive approach to executive recruitment? Choose AndersonWise.
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Heartefact is on a mission to strengthen critical awareness and build an open and free society.
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Finspot is a platform designed for small and medium sized businesses to help them finance invoices, with ease. 


Our mission is to help our clients grow. And that is something that really motivates us. That’s why we are very proud to say that Enverus, one of our biggest clients, can be considered the largest SaaS company solely dedicated to the largest market in the world – Ener
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Gannon Advisory

Gannon Advisory was founded by Patricia Gannon, an entrepreneur, leader, angel investor, mentor, and coach, with over 30 years of experience.
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Sigalit Ravve

Sigalit Ravve Holistic Aesthetic Clinic was founded with the idea to create a place where women can get the million-dollar look, to feel good, to bloom. 
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Our goal is to share our passion for chess and learning, to teach and inspire. From beginners to experts, there is something for everyone here...

Personal Identity & Brand Development

OSM is a pack of creative, analytical, and organized individuals who work together to find the best solution for their clients.


Vagon is a unique catering and exhibition space near the recently renovated railway tunnel in Zelenica.
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“Reka is escape from fashion, escape from restrictions, escape from what they always told you to put on your body.”


This selection of logos goes through the period 2010 to 2020 and represents the timeline of design development and creative process.
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Colonies Unite

Hutterite Colonies are communities that have been living in a communal way for four and a half centuries, located in rural areas across Alberta, Saskatchewan...
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Smart Studios

Smart Studios is a technology and innovation company based in Malta, with a global mindset. They’re thinkers. They’re doers. They love helping their clients bring…

OSM Digital Signage

As the name says, the OSM Digital Signage provides digital signage services that involve advertising and information display on various screens. You may see them…
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The Lane Group/Andy Lane

The Lane Realty Group (Andy Lane) strives to provide dream homes for families. Choosing the right family home is one of the most important decisions.…


PaukHost offers fast, reliable, and secure hosting services.


Aeroteam is a company with an exceptional and experienced team of professionals that provides business aviation services and helps customers achieve more efficient aircraft operations.…

DF Foods

DF Foods is a successful family company that has been in the food market for the last 40 years.
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CFX developed a disruptive indicator for the financial markets based on the blockchain technology. The company’s sentiment represents a pure, real sentiment index. It is…


Avana provides modern IT solutions for different business needs. Avana provides modern and reliable IT services such as maintenance of computers and equipment, maintenance of…


CUBE Team decided to advance business and increase the availability of valuable business information. The team was established in 2012 and since then, they have…
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Python Belgrade

Python Belgrade is a local community that hosts Python-related meetups, lectures, and similar events. They welcome all those who want to stay informed or share…
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BarVibe is a GPS-based app that presents ambiance in nearby bars by using short videos. BarVibe strives to create a community of people who like…
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Jukebox App

JukeBox is an application developed for Intergalactic Diner, American themed restaurants located in Belgrade.

Poke Olakino

Poke Olakino was founded with the idea to bring a completely new value to the concept of fast food in Belgrade and to offer a healthier version of fast food that is also delicious.
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Eko Smile

Eko Smile Klub is a program for rewarding customer loyalty at Eko gas stations in Serbia.