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The AWESOME adventure began exactly 13 years ago when two friends started a creative agency together.

Our visual story began as a fusion of color, pattern, and character. We started as a creative agency focusing only on design and then we’ve slowly included development- both web and mobile.

At one point, we’ve realized that some clients could benefit from IT services even though they don’t need our design or development. The branching out of those additional IT services has been the first significant change to our brand identity since 2010. That’s the reason why we extend our IT crew (Avana, PaukHost, OSMSupport).

The new identity brings new colours, patterns and a new concept of the website and digital platforms.

We have been working with clients from different industries for the last 12 years bringing the most professional and experienced people to provide high- quality services. Client satisfaction is our priority.

Our development, design and marketing teams work together to bring client’s ideas to life. We believe that companies that develop apps, websites and software need to provide more than just a code. Our software development team is formed of IT professionals who focus not only on coding but also on the visual side of user interface in collaboration with a marketing team that optimize conversions, user retention and the general application experience.

The OSM team works under the guidance of exceptional project managers who are responsible for ensuring the quality of services that we are providing.


iOS Technologies

1. iOS Development

2. Tools

iOS Developer skills

1. Architecture

2. Account

3. Networking

4. Mobile Storage

5. UI

6. Cryptography

7. Animations

8. Algorithms

9. Location/Maps

10. C++ Integration

11. Analytics

12. Other

13. Sharing

14. Apple

15. Store

16. Notifications

17. Localization

18. QA

Android Technologies

1. Android Development

2. Tools

Android Developer skills

1. Architecture

2. Account

3. Networking

4. Mobile Storage

5. UI

6. Cryptography

7. Animations

8. Algorithms

9. Location/Maps

10. Sharing

11. Analytics

12. Other

13. Google

14. Store

16. Notifications

17. Localization

18. QA


Frontend Technologies

1. Web FE development

2. Paradigms

Web FE Developer skills

1. UI

2. Frameworks

3. State Management

4. State Management Libraries

5. React Ecosystem

6. Linters and Formatters

7. Libraries

8. ​Integration with other systems

9. Routing

10. Charting

11. Code Quality Assurance

12. Animations

13. Testing

14. Optimizations

15. Protocols

16. Multi Language Support

17. Styling

18. Tools

19. CMS

20. Package Management and Task Runners

21. Supported browsers:


1. Languages and Technologies

2. Database Engines

3. Protocols

4. Deployments

5. Testing

6. Libraries and Frameworks

7. Tools


1. Performing Manual Testing and writing test cases for:

2. Types of testing that QA team performs are:

3. Tools


1. Disciplines

2. Tools


1. Content Creation

2. Growth Strategy

3. Branding

4. Customer acquisition

5. SEO

6. User activation

7. Integrated Marketing Campaigns

8. SMM


1. Cloud

2. OS

3. Virtualization

4. Containers

5. Kubernetes Specific Tools

6. Infrastructure-as-code

7. Configuration Management Tools

8. Source Control

9. CI/CD

10. Monitoring

11. Web Servers

12. Email Servers

13. Databases

14. Networking

15. Programming / Software Development

16. Scripting