software development


Investing in custom software solutions isn’t just buying a product. It’s investing in innovation and competencies.
How to win a service-based business? 

What is custom software development?

And why should you make such an investment?

When we say custom software, we refer to software solutions that meet your specific business needs. They are unique, have innovative features and capabilities. That’s why this type of development tends to be an initial investment that can result in an exceptional product and scalable ROI.


We build advanced solutions when it comes to web application development. This challenging task must meet all our clients’ needs. That’s why we never start writing code before we identify every necessary step. Our clients are often encouraged to actively participate in the process to provide us with feedback and ensure that we have achieved exactly what they wanted during the development. We provide clients with a perfect solution that will meet all the business goals and needs.

Info Gathering & Kick Off


We listen carefully and translate all of your requirements into needed technical documentation.

Gathering a Team


We build a team of experts who are best suited for your software development needs.

Making magic


Our developers do what they do best — create top-notch software solutions. Of course, we also include the QA, as the end product needs to be bug-free!



Customer service is something we take pride in. Whatever you need, we got you covered!

Regular Updates


Customer demands are changing quickly, and your software needs to be updated accordingly. We will scale down the initial team and dedicate a support unit for the necessary updates.

Why is OSM custom software the right choice for you?

Make your software concept come to life. Make a wise investment.