Our Story

How come we are so awesome?

First of all, we aim to provide our clients with just high-quality services, no matter the business’ size, industry, or budget. For this reason, our team consists of professionals who are highly experienced in various fields and equipped with the needed knowledge and tools. Our specific fusion of development, design, and marketing is the secret ingredient behind our clients’ exceptional growth.


Why do we call ourselves a pack?

Because packs don’t just work together — they stick together, no matter what. We share meals and drinks, but also big ideas and goals. We lift each other up, motivate and encourage. You see — we are so much more than a team,and we have been running together for 12 years now!


We take pride in our OSM business culture.

We put quality over quantity in everything we do. That’s why we encourage that OSM results come from the OSM offices during regular working hours. We don’t need our employees to work overtime to deliver top-notch results. 

Being an OSM team member gives you the privilege to enjoy the magic liquid of our vintage coffee machine. Now, how OSM is that?


We understand our clients.

We have evolved into an organization that has the know-how and people who can handle any business challenge. Still, we are trying to be on top of every trend and every innovation relevant to our business. Being OSM means continuously learning and growing.

No matter if we are building a product from scratch or improving an existing one, we think and act as business partners — your success is our success. We want our clients to think of us as business growth partners who are always there when needed but never in their way.

“Work hard, stay humble”  best describes our team/our pack. OSM is so much more than an agency that works on a given project. We strive to help businesses achieve exceptional growth, and we align all our activities with this goal. Now you know what makes us different, what makes us so OSM.

And we won some awesome awards too:


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