How come we are so awesome? And why do we call ourselves a pack?

At first glance, claiming to be awesome may sound a bit pretentious. The thing is, our goal is not only to enable our employees to be productive but also to be inspired by the fact that they are team OSM. We strive to be a team of people who maximize the overall company output by focusing on achieving personal goals and improving individual results while having enough freedom and fun!

We don’t want our employees to work overtime. We want them to focus on delivering top-notch results during regular business hours. We don’t want them to spend their free time in an office game room. We want them to spend their free time with friends & family. That is also the reason why we do not have tendencies to invest in equipment for extracurricular activities that are not meant to happen in the office and are not in correlation with the quality of their work environment. 

We take pride in our OSM business culture. And we understand our clients.

What we DO like to do is invest in our team and their working environment. This is closely related to the level of satisfaction they have while doing their job. We want our team to be happy where they are, doing what they do. We believe it is our responsibility to make that happen.

OSM results come from the OSM offices, literally. We put a lot of effort into making our workspace appealing and comfortable. Our team uses the best-quality IT equipment and cool gadgets. They breathe purified air and enjoy the company of real plants. But most of all, they have fun being in the office, and they love every minute of it.

Every morning the OSM team members are welcomed with fresh fruits, tea, and freshly brewed coffee. And it’s not just any kind of coffee! Being an OSM team member gives you the privilege of enjoying the magic of our vintage coffee machine. It’s a magic liquid. After all, coffee is what gives us the power to create amazing products.

Now, how OSM is that?


*Frequently asked awesome questions

Packs don’t just work together — they stick together, no matter what. So do we. We share meals and drinks, but also big ideas and goals. We lift each other up, motivate and encourage. You see, we are so much more than a team, and we have been running together for 12 years now!

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