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Yes, literally, that's our name.

*Awesome /ˈoːs(ə)m/ [adjective - extremely impressive or daunting]
“Inventing new words shows creativity and vision.” - Barney Stinson

*Awesome /ˈoːs(ə)m/ [adjective - extremely impressive or daunting] “Inventing new words shows creativity and vision.” - Barney Stinson

about us


Our software solutions are not made for you, they are made for your clients and customers.

We can agree that software development is not an easy job. There are software solutions on the market that seem remarkable at first glance, have a beautiful design and often wow customers or clients. The question is: Do such software solutions achieve the desired results? 

This question bothered us for so long. For this reason, we have gathered talented professionals from the world of development, design, and marketing to help our clients reach their wildest goals together. 

We are not just a team — we are so much more than that!

osm team


OSM is a pack of creative, analytical, and organized individuals who work together to find the best solution for their clients.

We are not ashamed to admit that combining design, development and marketing often takes every ounce of strength, energy, and creativity. Connecting different worlds has never been an easy job. That’s why we became OSM, we always plan 3 steps ahead.


We strive to help businesses achieve exceptional growth and desired results. Our specific approach and fusion of development, design, and marketing have proven to be the best practice when it comes to end results. 


We have brought together the most professional and experienced people to provide high-quality services. We have been working with clients from different industries for the last 11 years. Client satisfaction is our top priority!


To be noticed in the market, you have to perform better than your competitors. This means that your website or application should have a beautiful design and easy-to-use functionalities for end-users.


We believe that companies that develop applications, websites, and software need to provide more than just a code.

Our teams work under the guidance of exceptional Project Managers who are responsible for ensuring the quality of services.

Our software development team is formed by IT professionals who focus not only on coding but also on the visual side of the user interface.