Software development outsourcing services are known to be one of the most effective ways to bring your development idea to life. We will help you to achieve strategic goals better, faster, and without burning your budget. 

OSM provides outsourcing of entire digital projects: from ideation & conceptualization to creating the MVP, and the final product later on. Besides, we outsource teams dedicated to maintaining and supporting your project after the initial development stage.


We have the needed talent pool and recruitment capacity to help you create a team tailored to your requirements. A dedicated team of experts will co-create your product from scratch and provide the needed support once it’s up and running.


We have the needed engineering boost for your vision. Get an all-star remote team, fully dedicated to your business. Or, extend your team with that one special member you were struggling to find. OSM is trusted to provide high-quality software experts as a part of your in-house team.