It’s your time to bloom!

Website design, Branding, Website development

Sigalit Ravve Holistic Aesthetic Clinic was founded with the idea to create a place where women can get the million-dollar look, to feel good, to bloom. 

The team behind Sigalit Ravve Holistic Aesthetic Clinic are highly experienced aesthetic doctors and therapists whose expertize ranges from anti-aging and mesotherapy, but spiritual treatments as well.

More about the project:

Our goal was to create a unique branding that will reflect the clinic’s mission and core values. The website should be easy-to-navigate, present all the services in one place, and maintain a unique, minimalistic, yet sophisticated visual appearance. The development process was based on in-depth research and the creation of the logo, collor palette, and website’s visual concept.

We found that the combination of viola flower, ice cream mint, graphite stone, and plenty of white relevant to communicate the concept of Sigalit Ravve Holistic Aesthetic Clinic’s graceful look. 

The font style we choose carefully – Hatton Pangram Pangram foundry and Wotfard Atipo foundry were a perfect choice, as they keep the content easy-to-read with maintaining a bit of the classy feel.

Creating a logo for Sigalit Ravve Holistic Aesthetic Clinic was a challenge since was supposed to be a very important part of the branding itself. We’ve decided to use the first letters of the name, “S” and “R”, and combine them into a monogram logo.

Along with the web presence, Sigalit Ravve Holistic Aesthetic Clinic received a full identity package and branding of accompanying marketing content. What do you think, did we present the clinic’s vibe well – take a look.