View financial market indices including the latest price, daily high, low and percentage change for each index.

  • Client: CFX
  • Location: Valletta, Malta
  • Year: 2019
  • Type: Platform development

CFX developed a disruptive indicator for the financial markets based on the blockchain technology. The company’s sentiment represents a pure, real sentiment index. It is developed and expressed further not only by the market participants but also by the non-market ones. Both market and non-market opinions were very important for the client and thus for the development process. With the utilization of the CFX token, we gave the client a chance to operate in the fastest and most reliable way, with the indirect help of thousands of people. 

The client came to us with the idea to develop an app where users can vote if they think that the financial market prices, the prices of bitcoin, prices of gold, etc. will go up or down. With the idea in mind, we had to provide a design that would allow users to quickly cycle the latest financial market coverage. Although the most important part of the app was the user’s ability to vote, the user had to take in some information before he could do that. The user would also vote for a week, month, or a year period. Those were the main parameters we used in the process of tech app architecture development.

We enabled users to view the daily financial market changes as well as the changes in the market itself. All users are able to access their history of user votes and read through the daily news articles. In case they really like something and wish to save it for later, we have created an option called portfolio where they can keep all their saved assets.

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