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Website development, Branding, Website design

The Lane Realty Group (Andy Lane) strives to provide dream homes for families. 

Choosing the right family home is one of the most important decisions. The Lane Group handles everything to make the process as easy as possible — from finding the right neighborhood to pairing competitive rates and programs with fantastic escrow service. Their vision is to make it as easy for first-time homebuyers as it is for those with past experience.

More about the project:

For this project, we have completely redesigned the logo and website. 

The client asked us to design a logo that will reflect stability, wealth, and of course, real estate. We came up with playful lines that outline the house roof, but also have company name acronyms. 

Our goal was to present the family business as our clients saw it in their minds. Besides having an awesome design, this website is also highly functional and fast. 

On the homepage, you can find the search bar that is connected to the feature listings page. That way, users can input the parameters right away and find a potential dream home. Below the homepage, there is a “Contact us” bar that enables visitors to sign up for a real estate newsletter. 

As you come closer to the end of the homepage, you can find an explainer/sales video. We can all agree that video content is good for sharing emotions with others. Buying a beautiful house certainly triggers all kinds of feelings, so having a video is a great option for sure. 

The main colors on the website are gold, black, and white. The gold color represents success, achievement, and triumph. It is also the color of wealth and high status, and as such is associated with luxury, quality, reputation, sophistication, and elegance. Who doesn’t want their home to be special and sophisticated?