JukeBox App is an application developed for American-themed restaurants

App development, Branding, UI/UX design

JukeBox is an application developed for Intergalactic Diner, American-themed restaurants located in Belgrade, Serbia. 

Their story began in 2012 when they landed the first Intergalactic Diner in the capital of the celestial people. As they expected, Belgrade was delighted with their concept and quality. As the capacities became full, they continued to open restaurants in various parts of Belgrade and set a course for further expansion in the region, the planet, and other worlds.

The JukeBox app was a natural sequence of events in this intergalactic journey. Most of us have a soundtrack to our lives, a mental playlist we retrieve at the moments we find most celebratory or unbearable or just right. Why not make it possible through an interactive app while eating your favorite burgers?

More about the project:

A special addition to all the restaurants is the Jukebox on every table. This means that no one and nothing can stop you from being the one who deserves credit for the whole team at the table being enthusiastic about the music. In addition to being a hero of good fun, you will also do a humane deed because all the money collected for ordering songs goes to charity to local organizations in need.

The client came with an app idea that enables customers to cycle through playlists, view albums, and play favorite tracks while dining at the restaurant. A special addition to all Intergalactic restaurants was the Jukebox on each table. Before we launched the app, customers had to insert a coin into an old JukeBox machine and play the music. Now their favorite songs are just a few clicks away, and they will pay for the songs when they pay for the food they’ve ordered (the charge will be on the same receipt).

The main goal was to develop an easy-to-use iPad app with a unique user interface that will replace the original JukeBox machines and give the customers a better UX/UI experience. 

Do you think we have succeeded?

If you decide to go and check it out, you can expect to see the iPad app with a 3D song browsing system (similar to the old JukeBox machines) fully loaded with information about songs, artists, and albums. A playlist made by users is the feature that we are most proud of in this project. Also, it is important to mention that the application itself uses only Intranet to work, and all iPads are hooked to the local server that manages playlists and tables.