Finance your invoices in a few clicks

Website design, Website development

Finspot is a platform designed for small and medium sized businesses to help them finance invoices, with ease. 

The team consists of young professionals who are professionals in both the IT and finance industry, but that have a modern approach to business. Finspot brought a lot of innovations to the Serbian finance market: a new way of financing invoices and investment.

We, at OSM, are motivated to work with such clients, to listen to their ideas, and most importantly — to make them happen.

More about the project:

The team at Finspot had a clear vision of how they want their website to look, what audience it has to engage, and what functionalities it needs to have. 

As a client, they were pretty easy to understand, but the challenging part was to differentiate from the fierce competition, and to interest their audience for the tool itself. Well, as the target audience consists mainly of entrepreneurs and young professionals, we’ve assumed that they are very tech savvy. As for the design, we are aware that this type of audience has already seen it all, that their attention span is very low, and that we need to be super-creative!

So, we let your imagination run wild :).

The focus was on characterized coins tailored to each Finspot service, or parts of the content. Start with ease represents a king-coin, Investing page has a coin that grows a plant, and so on. 

Did you really have doubts that we are not that OSM? :)

When it comes to website development, it needed to be top-notch. But, easy to manage. In cases like this we always rely on the Elementor website builder.