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Get a pixel-perfect website with Elementor

You can have a website you’ve always wanted without burning your budget. With Elementor, we can build a feature-rich WordPress website within days.

Quick and easy to build

With over a decade of experience creating websites, exploring custom-code solutions and various page builders, we’ve realized that Elementor offers solutions not to make compromises between functionality & creativity.

It is very easy to use, the interface is pretty intuitive, all needed edits can be implemented within hours — all of which are very important to our clients. Sometimes, it is required to have a creative, full-featured website within days, and yes, with Elementor (…and a lot of hard work!) it can be possible.

Enabling clients to get a new website (or, editing an existing one) that fast, means that they don’t need to move deadlines, to postpone business plans, etc. Besides, we all know that shorter development timelines certainly mean spending less budget! 

All in all, Elementor makes getting a new website as painless as possible.

Simple to manage & edit content

The job isn’t finished when a website is up and running…actually, that’s where the fun starts. From small tweaks and regular content updates, to adding new pages, visuals, videos…All of this can be done literally in a couple of hours with Elementor. You don’t need to be a coding-ninja to learn to handle your website. Even our most tech-unsavvy clients managed to edit their website with Elementor.

Of course, we can support you whatever you need, but don’t worry — you won’t need to wait several weeks to get a new landing page, or be afraid that it will be too expensive. You see, our goal isn’t to obtain recurring income from editing our clients’ websites. We want to provide top-notch services, creative solutions… and that’s how we get new clients and projects. A good reputation and word-of-mouth is the way we get that recurring income.

Easy drag & drop editing

Building a website with Elementor is not just easy, it is fun as well! The drag & drop feature enables you to play around with the elements and see in real-time how your page looks.

That’s why we say that you don’t need to have a clue about web development in order to create or edit a website with Elementor. The drag & drop interface is very intuitive and user friendly.

After all, what’s the point of having a great website if you can’t edit it?

Edit your websites without barriers, and we’ll be there to help you if you get stuck.

Unlimited customizable features & options

With Elementor you can design any type of website with (almost) unlimited options and functionalities. When having brainstorm sessions with our clients we rarely need to say no to any of their ideas. No matter if the client requires a simple, or a complex dynamic website — we can build it with Elementor.

There are almost no limitations, so let’s unleash our creativity!

Elementor has many features by default, but there are hundreds of extra plugins created especially for building with Elementor. So many developers have created plugins to expand the capabilities of this already great page builder. 

For example, we, at OSM, are fans of the Jet Plugins from Crocoblock. Their plugins allow us to add dynamic content to websites that can make even a one-pager look outstanding and professional. Building websites with Elementor means we can make great stuff. Pairing it with other plugins means we can make magic.

… just sit back and enjoy your coffee!

Responsive on various devices

It is needless to say that a fully responsive website nowadays is a must. Clients won’t tolerate that their website doesn’t work perfectly on mobile devices. 

We at OSM have over a decade of experience fulfilling the needs of all sorts of clients that operate in various industries, geo-locations, etc. We’ve learned that an ideal online user journey consists of a website that meets all the essential criteria of a responsive web design and provides exceptional navigation and reading experience across different devices — we explained in a post for Elementor’s blog. There we’ve explained how easy it is to adjust a page’s design to any screen. And Elementor offers various breakpoints, to make your job easier. 

With Elementor, it is easy to adjust a website’s interface so it works perfectly on all devices. That means that you will get a 100% mobile-friendly website that you’ll be proud to show on any device!

It’s OSM!

We’ve been using Elementor for quite some time now. We like it not just because of all the benefits we’ve listed previously, but also because their team is awesome (just like we are 🙂 ). The support team behind Elementor is very helpful and responsive when it comes to fixing any bugs, or other issues.

When it comes to page builders, we work exclusively with Elementor and have a dedicated team that is always up-to-date with all the latest features and updates. That means that OSM & Elementor is a perfect combo to get a website you’ve always wanted!

Ah, did you know that our website is built with Elementor? Like it? We’ve won some neat awards for its design!

This means that our clients can save time and money, but still get an outstanding, easy-to-edit website with all the features they’ve always wanted.

If you need a shop, booking system, or a blog — just imagine, and we’ll make it happen. With the help of Elementor.

*we are not affiliated with Elementor, these are simply benefits we recognized while crafting awesome websites.

Get the website tailored to your business’ needs — quick!

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