Aeroteam are business aviation professionals that are dedicated to the optimisation of management, utilisation and ownership costs.

Branding, Website design, Website development

Aeroteam is a company with an exceptional and experienced team of professionals that provides business aviation services and helps customers achieve more efficient aircraft operations.

With a deep knowledge of the aircraft services market, Aeroteam business aviation professionals are dedicated to optimize all management processes, utilize and allocate the costs, and to do it all while maintaining and even improving the service quality of the providers and the safety of the assets. 

With the worldwide growth of business jet fleets, the number of aircraft service providers is constantly increasing. Aeroteam is very well informed about the aviation market, and they are more than ready to represent or assist their clients in all aircraft ownership processes — from acquisition (including financing and insurance) to operations, from asset management to sales.

More about the project:

Our Aeroteam journey began with the logo redesign. The client requested it to be more serious in lettering and without abstract parts. A new logo gave a fresh and modern new look to the company and is meant to become the symbol of high quality and exceptional service in the aircraft operations business.

We continued our cooperation with website development. The website structure is simple and easy to navigate. We have created the website in the form of a one-page website with all the important facts listed in clean blue, grey, and white color. This way the website structure and the content breakdown support the Aeroteam’s need for fast-moving and low time-consuming non-business related activities.

We are currently in the brainstorming process with the Aeroteam about the Aeroteam app which is a natural next step in their business development.

The app will help aircraft owners control and manage all aircraft-related costs and also give an overview of all aircraft activities that will be controllable via the mobile app.