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Smart Studios is a technology and innovation company based in Malta, with a global mindset. They’re thinkers. They’re doers. They love helping their clients bring ideas to life. They love what they do, and they do what they love. 

We have experienced just the right head start for the creative process of developing the Smart Studios website. The brainstorming process began in 2017. At the time, by pushing the envelope in technology & innovation, their founder Johan Zammit felt it was time to share his experience through a new type of organization. Smart Studios was born to enable its clients to use digital innovation to their advantage. Since then the company has experienced continuous growth and never looked back.

More about the project:

Being an innovative and creative company, Smart Studios needed brand refreshment and website redesign to showcase their ideas, their movement, and their mission. The identity is accompanied by a vibrant color system that refines the brand’s signature neon green, enhances it for digital contexts, and introduces new colors such as dark blue and gray.

The website layout as well as the design itself is clean and bright with a dash of neon green and dark blue as a contrast. Imagined as a one-page website, the structure grew bit by bit, giving their users more information about what they offer, jobs, and the latest news in the blog section.