"Vagon" Zelenika comes to Boka Kotorska as cultural monument and catering exhibition space.


“Vagon” in Zelenica will be not only a cultural monument and proof of the railway history of the Bay of Kotor, but also a catering and exhibition space – a new gathering place for Bokelj and tourists. The best coffee, local food and beverage products, exhibitions, concerts, and other cultural and artistic events for children, young people, adults, and the elderly will be an offer that will be available throughout the year, all in order for guests to remember history and travel a little with their thoughts. In an ambiance reminiscent of beautiful travels and bygone times. “Vagon” will primarily play a major role in valorizing the memory of the very important role of the railway in the development and revival of Boka and the entire region.

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This selection of logos goes through the period 2010 to 2020 and represents the timeline of design development and creative process.