What does the future of energy look like?


Our mission is to help our clients grow. And that is something that really motivates us. That’s why we are very proud to say that Enverus, one of our biggest clients, can be considered the largest SaaS company solely dedicated to the largest market in the world – Energy. 

Enverus is building digital products that should help companies to make decisions based on intellectual capital, innovative cloud technology and collaborative partnerships. Today, Enverus is trusted by more than 6,000 customers across 50 countries. 

We, at OSM, are happy that OSM talents are those who are building the Enverus digital ecosystem, and providing other teams with necessary data.

More about the project:

OSM is not just another agency that provides its clients with staffing. We act as business partners and want to tailor our (outsourcing)  services to the needs of our clients. 

That was the case with Enverus we’ve gathered a team that consists of both talented juniors keen on learning, and highly experienced senior professionals, willing to mentor their teammates. 

The technologies our Enverus team specializes in are primarly.NET, Vue.js, React, SQL, MongoDB, Python, Azure. Besides, the team was responsible for DevOps tasks as well, and used technologies such as CI/CD, Docker, Jenkins, Nomad, and others. 

OSM has a very specific hiring process it’s custom and ongoing. By that, we mean that we leave nothing to chance. We are working on our recruitment process regardless of the project needs no matter if a team member needs to be replaced, or the team needs an additional member, we always have a relevant pool of candidates.

We, at OSM, understand that talented IT professionals are hard to keep. That’s why we took good care of our Enverus team and provided them with modern offices, and other benefits. OSM is well-known to take good care of its employees, and we are very proud of the results they achieve. 

One of the biggest challenges we’ve faced during this project is the strike of the coronavirus pandemic, and all changes it made to the way we work. However, the team was well prepared for all the changes, so remote work wasn’t a problem. In fact, during the pandemic the team grew, and made great progress.

MarketView, one of the digital products our team worked on, is actually designed to support remote work. 

MarketView analytics and real-time commodity data make remote work really work for you. For energy analysts and commodities traders working from home or on the road.

Once again, the whole OSM team is motivated by the success of our clients and is eager to be a part of it. The Enverus team is one example of a successful dedicated nearshoring team.