Python Belgrade is a local community which hosts Python-related meetups, lectures, and other events.

Website development, Branding, Website design

Python Belgrade is a local community that hosts Python-related meetups, lectures, and similar events. They welcome all those who want to stay informed or share their knowledge on Python-related topics.

This platform enables the Python community to get in touch with some of the most experienced Python developers from the Balkans! Users can share their knowledge, ask questions, propose innovative solutions, learn about Python meetups that are held nearby, or simply find a shoulder to cry on when they get stuck.

Our designers set the identity around a snake, a Python programming language trademark logo, based on Mayan representations of snakes which very often include only a head and a short tail. The structure of the snake represents the natural coiling/nesting of a snake as seen from the side on.

More about the project:

Based on the color scheme and typography from the previously designed brand book, branded stationery including business cards, flyers, pamphlets, stickers, and posters has been created.

The color scheme extends to the website, where we have developed a clean layout that focuses on Python Belgrade meetups, events, and community. This structure gives visitors an overview of all the necessary information including an event calendar, signed speakers, and ticket sale. On the same page, you can also look for the most recent news.