You must have noticed them along the road while driving, in restaurants, airports and other facilities.

  • Client: OSM Digital Signage
  • Location: Belgrade, Serbia
  • Year: 2020
  • Type: Concept & visual development, digital development

As the name says, the OSM Digital Signage provides digital signage services that involve advertising and information display on various screens. You may see them along the road while driving, in restaurants, airports, pharmacies, hotels, and other facilities. Advertising materials that used to be printed and installed on billboards, shops, windows, and aisles, are replaced today with digital signage.

With Digital Signage, you can change promotional materials on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis. Print solutions require individual content changes and the necessary physical on-site presence of staff and, of course, printing costs. Also, Digital Signage solutions can be in a moving image (animation or video), and they can also have an audio component of the ad, as needed.

For this project, we have developed a website that clearly states what digital signage is all about. On the first part of the homepage, you can find a video with lots of displays. Video content is easy to consume and it tells the story along the way. 

After the video, there is a “call-to-action” bar which enables potential customers to get a quote for their project.

The whole website has small graphic animations that are associated with digital signage and lots of educational information about what digital signage is. Most people on that market are not familiar with the term, so our client had to explain it in a number of different ways. 

We have used different color combinations, like black, gray, blue, yellow, dirty pink, and green. Although it’s not a common thing to do, we have mixed everything and created a beautiful website that represents digital signage services.

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