Our goal is to share our passion for chess and learning, to teach and inspire. From beginners to experts, there is something for everyone here…


This selection of logos goes through the period 2010 to 2020 and represents the timeline of design development and creative process.

Colonies Unite

Hutterite Colonies are communities that have been living in a communal way for four and a half centuries, located in rural areas across Alberta, Saskatchewan…


CFX developed a disruptive indicator for the financial markets based on the blockchain technology. The company’s sentiment represents a pure, real sentiment index. It is…


BarVibe is a GPS-based app that presents ambiance in nearby bars by using short videos. BarVibe strives to create a community of people who like…

Jukebox App

JukeBox is an application developed for Intergalactic Diner, American themed restaurants located in Belgrade.

Eko Smile

Eko Smile Klub is a program for rewarding customer loyalty at Eko gas stations in Serbia.