Sigalit Ravve

Sigalit Ravve Holistic Aesthetic Clinic was founded with the idea to create a place where women can get the million-dollar look, to feel good, to bloom. 

5 Essential Features Your Landing Page Should Have


Here’s the shocking fact: the average website conversion rate across all industries is 2.35%. But there’s always the other side of the story: the best websites have conversion rates of 11% or more. That’s almost…


“Reka is escape from fashion, escape from restrictions, escape from what they always told you to put on your body.”

Improve Your UI: Tips and Proven A/B Test Results


“A user interface (UI) is the space where interactions between humans and machines occur.” – with that being said, there’s no need for additional explanations why you should tidy up your UI. Besides, that’s why…


This selection of logos goes through the period 2010 to 2020 and represents the timeline of design development and creative process.

50+ FREE Resources for Designers in 2021


If you are a freelancer with limited time and resources, working for a bootstrapped client, or you are just short of funds, there are many FREE design resources available online. Creating icons, videos, illustrations can…