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OSM is a Clutch Top Development Company in Serbia for 2022


There are two real measures for success in every industry. The first is results, and the second is the manner in which those results were achieved. The latter is important because that’s the metric that shows the experience and knowledge behind the project.

For years, we’ve claimed that we are a team with such knowledge and experience. Now we have proof this is the case. We’re proud to share that our team was named one of the top development companies in Serbia by Clutch for 2022.


Clutch is an independent online review and rating platform that’s based in Washington DC. They use a unique verification system that determines the authenticity of the information sent to them before publishing it as reviews.


When a company becomes one of the leading firms on Clutch, this means that they were able to earn several high-quality reviews from their clients. This award validates our work in one of the best possible ways, because the approval ultimately comes from the people we put so much effort to help.

“We are both excited and honored that the Clutch team recognized our efforts and dedication we put in our work. This recognition is another motivator to focus on things that really matter to our clients, to improve ourselves even more, and to go beyond our limits!” – Vojin, CEO of OSM

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the people that helped make this award possible. From our hardworking team who always ensure that our projects deliver the best possible experience, to our clients who never tire of showing support in our collaborations.

Discover why so many companies choose us over the competition by visiting our website to learn more about the services we offer. Don’t hesitate to contact our team directly for questions on how we can begin working together as soon as possible.

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