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The Best Text Editors for Making SVG Icons


Without an SVG editor, your toolkit isn’t complete. Easy scalability and expandability of images on any and every device without impacting the picture quality is what makes these SVG images so popular today. Thus, an SVG editor is what keeps the show going for many websites and web pages whose responsiveness is largely dependent on image and content representation.

There are two types of images in use- vectors and bitmaps. Bitmaps are made of pixels and while expanding and scaling these images, they get distorted. Whereas an SVG image is a format that will not distort the images when scaling them. There are many other benefits of SVG images and SVG icons other than scalability and expandability and here’s what you must know;

  • They are scalable vector graphics.
  • SVG images are easily compressible.
  • Images can be accessed through notepads and search engines.
  • SVG images correspond with DOM, JavaScript, and CSS scripts.
  • SVG images can be animated.
  • SVG image texts can be copied.

To create an SVG image or a free SVG icon, you will need an SVG editor. In this article, we bring you some of the best text editors for creating SVG icons and images.

Topmost text editors for creating SVG icons

Some of the superfluous text editors for creating any kind of All Free SVG icons and images are being indicated here in this below segment. They are the best in the market and can help you scale your content.

1. Adobe Illustrator

One of the best SVG editors for Windows and Mac, Adobe Illustrator can be your go-to SVG tool every time you need an SVG image. Creating some of the best vector images is possible with Adobe Illustrator as it is one of the best within this large global vector editing software market.

With the help of Adobe illustrator as an SVG editor, you can create 

  • poster book layout
  • print and publishing formats, 
  • internet page production and also 
  • facilitate multimedia image processing.

2. Inkscape

One of the best free SVG editors, Inkscape is compatible across platforms and that makes it a favorite with 

  • illustrators, 
  • web and graphic designers

With its help, you can create; 

  • logos, 
  • charts, 
  • illustrations and even 
  • multiple image creations 

With this SVG editor, you can add a range of output formats; 

  • DXF, 
  • EPS, 
  • PDF, 
  • sk1, 
  • Open Document and 
  • PNG.

Inkscape is a powerful object creation and manipulation SVG editor. Its primary features are;

  • Pencil tools
  • Rectangles
  • Polygons
  • Stroke tools

3. Vectr

Vectr is a free SVG editor with which creating any vector task or vector graphics is easy. It has some of the most incredible features and functions that help in creating the most wonderful icons including free SVG icons and images.

Learning Vectr is easy and some of its basic features are extremely convenient to use like; 

  • adding layers
  • creating borders
  • making shadows
  • text to create simple vector icons and images

Vectr is a tool that can use both online and offline and comes in different download packages for different operating systems like Windows, Linux, or Chromebook.

4. Sketch

Sketch works for Mac and offers UI and complete vector design options. Sketch is a light tool that is most apt not just for icon designing but also for interface designing. It is not a free SVG editor and comes at a $99 per year expense. Paying this much is worth it, since with its help visual drafts can be converted to high-fidelity prototypes easily that which is unaffected in any which way.

The Sketch tool can offer images of pixel-level precision and allows creating your fonts. It offers an excellent user interface and comes as a design interface that is complete in itself.

5. Gravit Designer

Gravit Designer is a free SVG editor tool that helps in importing and editing different file formats like 

  • PDF, 
  • Sketch, 
  • Adobe Illustrator or even 
  • SVG files. 

It is a user-friendly tool that can be used by anyone and everyone and does not require any previous experience. 

With it, you can never run out of cloud space again, and assimilating existing files from different sources while working on them is an added benefit of the Gravit Designer SVG editor tool. Gravit Designer tool provides you with a touchscreen vector design option. This SVG Editor harnesses Progressive Web Apps (PWA) technology that helps gain traction for designing vector images and even free vector icons.

6. Vecteezy

Vecteezy is a completely operational online free SVG editor that can help alter, change, and even fine-tune different contents. With it, you can obey your branding regulations, and also bring around different variations in the same image. Even though the tools available for free with it are enough, if at any point you wish to upgrade, you can do so to unlock additional features and functions. To begin with, Vecteezy has numerous templates and illustrations to start with.

Vecteezy, as an SVG editor offers many simple features like;

  • There are different free resources to choose from with Vecteezy like videos, photography, and vector illustrations.
  • Simple licensing is possible for completely guaranteed resources.
  • Content is fresh and wholesome on Vecteezy
  • Every budget plan has an option to explore with this SVG editor.

7. Affinity Designer

With Affinity Designer as an SVG editor, creating and elevating art to the next level is easy.  With it, you can create concept art, logos, icons, print projects, UI designs, mock-ups, and a lot of other items.

Affinity Designer offers many indispensable features that make it a hot favorite of illustrators, web designers, game developers, and people in other creative fields. With a single click, you can switch between a raster and vector design tool to produce a flawless image output.

  • It offers an electric pace of image creation whether it’s images or even free vector icons.
  • Affinity designers offer live gradients, real-time blends, live previews of curve edits, and also pan and zoom features at 60 fps.
  • Any complex document optimization is possible with it.
  • Layer grouping, color tagging, live outline view, and handling 1000s of different objects with no lag is possible with Affinity Designer.

Final Thoughts

Most of these tools offer different art boards, keyboard shortcuts, and continuous slice exports. PSD, AI, SVG, JPG, TIFF, EXR are some of the exportable file formats for almost all. 

Given an SVG editor is what it takes in today’s world to develop flawless images, here are a few SVG editors that will work best for almost all needs. 

If you are right now fumbling for an appropriate tool, why not try either of these SVG editors? Of course, many in the market can help create free SVG icons and images but the above-given ones are some of the best available SVG editors in the market.

Of course, the OSM design team is there for any doubts you might have. Contact us for a FREE quote, or let’s just have a chat!

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